Cavallaro 1986

Small company, great potential

The Cavallaro team The Cavallaro team The Cavallaro team The Cavallaro team

We are a small company founded more than 30 ago by our parents who, after having learned the "trade" as children, decided to set up their own business and start producing wrought iron products. They soon realized that there was space in the bed and furnishing accessories market so, little by little, they created a line of products that was expanded in the following years to develop a real catalog.

We children, after finishing their studies, have decided to carry on their business, motivated by the passion for this profession and by the opportunities of the web that allow us to make our products known directly on the other side of the world.
We dedicate a lot of time to research, design and development of new models that reflect current designs, trends and with original details that allow us to stand out.

Parallel to the production of wrought iron furniture, we also offer a customized and customized construction service for gates and fences, railings, barriers, parapets, fitted walls, counters and shop furnishings.

Being a small company first of all allows us to always be in direct contact with all customers and perceive their sensations in order to guarantee a continuous improvement of our products, as well as allowing us to maintain that artisan philosophy that makes each product a unique and unrepeatable in both creation and finish.